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What the heck has Upwell been up to?

Ray Dearborn's picture
on March 6, 2013 - 10:39am

Upwell has spent the past few months analyzing and wordsmithing all the things we’ve done and learned in our first year campaigning with you. We may have been more or less radio silent while we’ve been doing this, but now we’re back to report what we’ve found.We are telling all on our blog, sharing what has worked and what hasn’t, with plenty of tips and tricks to share. There will be more to come, and we'll keep this blog post updated as we add more. 

What's a "Social Mention"?

Our primary metric for understanding the conversations we analyze is what we refer to as a “social mention.” How does that differ from other more traditional online campaigning metrics like impressions? Why is this the most exciting thing ever? Find out. 

Conversation Metrics for Overfishing and Sustainable Seafood

We’ve compared and analysed the conversational volume in the Sustainable Seafood and Overfishing conversations over the past year plus. Spoiler alert: both conversations have changed substantially since 2011, with significant increases in spike volume, spike frequency, and ratio of average daily social mentions to the average baseline. There’s some hot data here. 

Upwell's Distributed Network Campaigning Method

What is that special sauce that makes an Upwell campaign? We’ve described the basic building blocks of an Upwell campaign and the importance of our distributed network (that’s all of you!) for the work that we do.

The Lifecycle of an Upwell Campaign

There's a lot of steps between Big Listening and measuring a campaign. We try to cram them all into one day. Check out this description of the full lifecycle of an Upwell campaign, complete with original illustrations!

Upwell's Spike Quantification of the Ocean Conversation

A “spike” is a significant increase in online attention for a particular topic. When you graph social mentions, you can see that burst of attention ‘spike’ the graph -- hence the name. We’ve detailed how we differentiate between a normal bump and actual spike in this post.

Upwell's Ocean Conversation Baseline Methodology

Upwell informally defines a conversation’s “Baseline” as the point below which the daily volume doesn’t drop. It’s the number of social mentions that occur each day by the topic’s diehard conversationalists. If everyone else left the party, the Baseline would still be there, dancing by itself.

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