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Hire an Upweller

The talented and creative members of the Upwell team will soon be seeking new gigs. (Here's why.) if you are looking to hire any of these marvelous people, please get in touch with them directly! Bios are available on our Team page.

Rachel Weidinger

Founder & Executive Director

Reach her on Twitter, LinkedIn, or at


Rachel Dearborn

Campaign Lab Director

Reach her on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Matt Fitzgerald

Attention Lab Director

Reach him on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Upwell Alumni

Many of the completely amazing Upwell alumni are continuing freelancers. They do amazing work!

Kieran Mulvaney

Reach him on Twitter or his website.

Britt Bravo

Reach Britt at or Twitter.

Andrew David Thaler

Reach Andrew on Twitter or Google+ or check out his blog, Southern Fried Science.

Ted Fickes

Reach Ted on Twitter or at Bright+3.