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Open Positions

Thank you for your interest. We are not accepting applications at this time. 


Our client is the ocean. We're building our team. Help invent a new type of agency with us.

Upwell is a social media communications project, somewhat similar to a nonprofit agency. Our sole client is the ocean, and we work to bring attention to marine conservation issues. We believe that we can utilize abundant online ocean content channels in order to create awareness. Join us as we grow audiences and deepen existing audience relationships by increasing the volume, substance and relevance of ocean-related content. We're brand (and organization) agnostic. The agency is run like a lean start-up, with a small staff producing rapid iterations, arriving at campaign traction rapidly. We're driven by impact. 

What do we do? We bring value to the professional ocean conservation sector by delivering a stream of contextualized curated content across whatever platforms the sector uses: an email newsletter, a blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, or conference presentations and webinars. We're at home online, and we also respect the power of traditional media. We strive to do the hard work of making scientific research accessible to popular audiences online and also the creative work of making sure the hook is in the story. Video is our BFF, and a compelling image is our wingman.

We run data-driven campaigns on specific issues in order to learn what works in marine conservation communications. We share this campaign data with the sector. When one of our experiments doesn't deliver the expected results, we're still thrilled to learn from that failure and we'll share the hard-earned lesson with the sector. We fail so that the sector can succeed.

Letters of interest are accepted at any time. Please email