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Big Blue Blogs: 88 Ocean Conservation Blogs

Britt Bravo's picture
on December 5, 2012 - 11:45am

waves by james stark

*Jan 15, 2013: We've updated the list to 100+ blogs!

As most of you know, Upwell's mission is to  make the ocean more famous online.  One way we do that is by sharing ocean-y news in the Tide Report, and by asking you to amplify it.

We can't fit all of the juiciest ocean stories into the Tide Report, which is why we're sharing a list of 88 Big Blue Blogs that cover ocean conservation issues. Our hope is that they will be another source of shareable ocean content for you.

The blogs are in alphabetical order. Please let us know about other big blue blogs we should add to this list by emailing us at tips AT upwell DOT us, sending a tweet (, leaving a comment, or messaging us on Facebook.

You can also subscribe to the bundle of feeds here.

Big Blue Blogs

Stay tuned for Big Blue Twitter lists!

Flickr photo credit: Wave #1 by James Stark


Colin Drake's picture

Well done Upwell. Awesome list. You should add 70 Degrees West. Two really cool people on an "environmental and humanitarian photo-documentary spanning from pole to pole along 70º west longitude." Definely worth checking it out. Thanks for the list!

Britt Bravo's picture

Thanks for the suggestion, Colin! It doesn't look like it has a lot of ocean-specific content, but what a beautiful blog.

Brittany Stockman's picture

The Blog Aquatic - Ocean Conservancy's Blog

The Blog de la Mer - The International SeaKeepers Society's Blog

Britt Bravo's picture

Hi Brittany,

Thanks for the suggestions! I really thought I had Blog Aquatic on the list, but it must have gotten lost in the shuffle. I'll add both of them to the updated version of the Big Blue Blog list.

Juan's picture

While all these blogs are certainly awesome, if anyone out there is more interested in the issue of Sonar and its effect on marine mammals, check out this awesome blog on the subject: 

Britt Bravo's picture

Thanks so much, Juan, for letting me know about this blog dedicated to this important issue.

Sid's picture

Hi Britt, this is a great list. Since I quit my job about a year ago and started my own business I have been able to arrange my time much better and as a result have been spending so much time in the ocean free diving along with looking and learning about the marine life.

Doing this kind of sport, its important to learn how to treat the marine life and the environment  and as you get more into it you learn how the ocean is changing due to human intervention. I guess its a natural progression because as you spend so much time in the water, you get more in touch and feel sad this beauty may one day actually disapear. 

I started putting my own blog together about my ocean experiences (along with a few other general things I like) and would really like to start adding more conservation topics along side my ocean experiences !

I was looking for some blogs to read with regard to the damage done to the ocean and just get a general feeling and I think the list you put together is certainly a great place to start. 

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